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The PR Training Centre       

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Britain's Best PR Training Company
The Best in Britain?  A Big Claim?

Yes it is - and we have the track record to back it up!

We are number one on Google - no other PR training company can make this claim - check out Google with search terms like PR training courses, or Digital PR Training where we top a list of millions of competitors.  We don't just preach SEO - we're number one ourselves. Try this Google search. 

We get more PR coverage than any other PR training organisation - check out Google and Google News on terms like 'Digital PR Training' and notice how many sites are press coverage about us.  We don't just preach PR excellence - we practice it.  See what PR Week says about us here.

Look at the major corporations that use us for their PR training.  We train staff from Britain's biggest companies - check out our client list.

We train staff from more PR Agencies than anyone else.  We are the PR industry's own trainer of choice. Check out our list of PR agency clients.

We have trained thousands of Marketing and PR executives in PR Skills and Web Marketing skills - more than any other company.  Look at what these delegates say about us here.

Other training companies make claims about their size, their experience, their capabilities, but no other training company can match our achievements in performance.  What they talk about, we actually deliver. 

If you want to know how we have achieved all this, it's simple: it's because we are different from all the others training companies in ten important respects. 

The PR Training Centre is different because:-

Double value - There are two presenters for every workshop – not one

Real world advice - Our Presenters are current practitioners not academics – you don’t learn a new acronym - you learn practical tips and techniques our presenters use every day.

Presenter experience - Richard and Jacqui together have more than 50 years experience in marketing and PR. Jacqui runs a successful PR agency, Richard is a successful business author who freelances for The Daily Telegraph and other titles.

Up to the minute It’s a fast moving world, and we move with it. Our courses cover the latest in PR technique and internet technology because we invest our time and resources to find out what’s hot.

Proven performance - We’re number 1 on Google out of tens of millions of competitors – we don’t just teach marketing superiority, we practice what we preach and prove that it works. Search on <PR training courses> on Google and see who comes top!

Small groups - We deliberately keep our workshops to around 10 delegates - to keep them highly interactive and encourage the maximum level of individual involvement.

Relaxed environment – all our delegates say how relaxed and unique our Covent Garden training centre is. There are break-out spaces and sofas to take it easy and make or take calls in breaks.

Fabulous food - Lunch prepared from fresh ingredients every day in the kitchens by professional chefs and served in the cafe. Continental breakfast is included.

Extraordinary results - Above all, the quality of our training stands out way above the norm. Every delegate who has attended our workshops has been blown away by the quality of the training – and the difference it has made to their organisation. See what they say here.

Value for Money – best of all, it doesn’t cost any more to get extraordinary training. Our fees are kept as low as possible.

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