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What our delegates say
"I enjoyed the course and found it very helpful.   I would also consider a two-day course."
                                                                                    Stella Williams, Carlton TV
"A great insight into the methods of PR and how to integrate it into the marketing mix.  Excellent course tutors."                                                                               Emma Harvey, Morgan Stanley

"Fantastic tips which will make a real difference"
                                                                              Stephanie Williams, Elle Group

"Thank you.  I have enjoyed the day and look forward to attending more of your courses.  You have inspired me."
                                                                                                  Ali Auckland, Emap
"Very interesting and relaxed learning environment, inviting contribution and questions."
                                                                   Naomi Woodstock, British Holidays
"Good foundation course covering necessary core principles."
                                                                                       Dave Jones, Wilkinsons
"An interesting course – well run." 
                                                                           Jason Wyer-Smith, Virgin Money
"The workshop has focussed my mind on key strategic PR issues – and, particularly, how I can maximise the value of the PR spend."
                                                                                                       John Hicks, DTI
"A very useful training course putting PR activities in the perspective of today's media environment."  
                                                                 Lala Najafova, BBC World Service
"Small numbers meant that we were able to share experiences and learn from other people’s real-life situations." 
                                                                                       Mu Ali, MediaEdge : CIA
"Informative, experienced experts imparting their knowledge and approach to PR"
                                                                           Justine Fitzpatrick, AstraZeneca
Very enjoyable and highly relevant information pitched at the right level for the delegates .
Tom Blakemore, Campaign for Real Ale
A lot of very relevant and useful insights but, more importantly, I’ve been learning things that I can apply straight away to the company’s website.                                                                 Tarjinda Jnutti, Associated Newspapers
A very thorough and worthwhile course which will undoubtedly benefit my work back in the office.
                                                Laura Small, Hampshire Fire and Rescue Service
Very informative with a good range of topics.
Mani Kumari-Lal, South Birmingham College
I really learnt a lot – thanks!
                                                                       Selena Hurndall, World Television

"Excellent.  Very informative and well presented.  Covered a wide variety of relevant topics.  I now feel more confident in carrying out the PR role in my organisation." 
                                                                     Heather Skinner, TMD Technologies

"Presenters were very knowledgeable and had an easy, relaxed manner with the course delegates.  Plenty of time to talk over specific issues we need to deal with.  Lots of useful stuff to takeaway - a tool kit, which we will use in future. Thank you."
                                                                             Rachelle Harte, Tots-To-Teens 

"Very informative.  I now feel confident to produce press releases and will try the techniques taught.  Very good course tutors!" 
                                                            Suzanne Mills, Espree Music Management

"Excellent - clear and structured presentation - packed full of information" 
                                                                                         Jem Cook, NoExit Press

"Interview exercise most useful – not just from a PR point of view but also for dealing with general objections/issues effectively. Thank you for a good session.  Web marketing information very useful. 
                                                                         Tracey Jackson, MediaEdge : CIA

"Great course  great content!"
                                                  Gill Tickner, Knightsbridge Secretarial Services

"Extremely useful, especially the use of recent examples."
                                                                     Michelle Luk, Vintage Fashion Fairs

"The day flew by.  It was so enjoyable I want to come again."
                                                       Denise Barnes, Denise Barnes Estate Agents

"Good to have training from a journalist rather than a marketing lecturer."
                                                                            Clare Gaul, Redwood Software
"Very well constructed. Lots of information to digest."
                                                           Judi Mitchell, 21st Century Cleaning Group
"Excellent, covered basics up to high level including technical. Very good."
                                                                                       Katie Eggelton, Deverill
"Only used PR so far for client's businesses, my eyes have been opened to all the other areas it could be used for."
                                                                 Helen Michel, Fredericks Foundation
"Very useful - thank you. I would certainly recommend it to others who wish to learn more about PR."
                                                                Katie Freer, Freer Events Management
"Useful information, good case studies and an interesting day."
                                                                                                    Claire Herd, IPD
"Excellent presentation.  Many thanks - food for thought." 
                                                       Danielle Blyfield, Stephen Lawrence Gallery
"A solid introduction to the subject. I liked the small class size which allowed a more personalised/tailor-made tuition. I appreciated the practical elements which allowed discussion and feedback. 
                                                                                       Mu Ali, MediaEdge : CIA
"I found the course very informative with many key points which I found very valuable. I feel better equipped to handle PR and make it work to my organisation's benefit."
                                                                                                        Sam Groeber
"Very informative and enjoyable too. A must for all business people. I took this superb PR course and doubled my press coverage overnight!" 
                                                                  Stephen Roberts, Bonaventure Group
"The course was enjoyable, relevant and informative.  I was particularly impressed by the section on the use of the Internet for effective Web PR and Web Marketing."

Bridget Howells, Administrator

"Most useful - both PR and journalism expertise.  Web information very useful - I would be interested in further courses."

Kate Hills - Arena Leisure Plc

"Some real gems of information and technique, has made me re-think how I will do business."

Genevieve Potter - EMAP

"Very useful and informative.  Good combination of presenting and practical tests.  Interesting to gain perspectives of both PR consultant and journalist background.  Group participation and shared experiences also invaluable"

Michael Budden - Up4theCup Ltd

"Very informative, losts of useful tips and ideas to use. Was easy to understand and follow."

Marika Nanni, Episode


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