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New course from The PR Training Centre for Autumn 2007
Digital PR Skills Workshop 

London, 17 September 2007:
Leading PR Training organization, The PR Training Centre, has announced the first of three new courses for Autumn 2007 -- ‘Digital PR’. Full details of the course are given on The PR Training Centre website at www.theprtrainingcentre.com.

According to principal presenter Jacqui Green, ‘The internet has changed the rules of the PR game significantly in recent years. As well as making viral PR campaigns possible, using the Web for PR can also dramatically affect your ranking in the Search Engines – as long as you know what you’re doing and avoid any suspicion of "gaming" with Google. Other developments, including Corporate Blogging, RSS Feeds, viral marketing and Social Networking, all provide opportunities for the media-savvy and pitfalls for the unwary. Our new course gives anyone with responsibility for marketing and PR at all skill levels the chance to get up to date in the latest technique in a powerful one-day workshop.’

‘Email marketing and beating the spam filters is another important area that we cover. Get this one wrong and your company’s IP address can be blacklisted – get it right and you have important new markets at your feet.’

Digital PR is the first of three new courses for PR and Marketing staff that will be announced by the PR Training Centre in September and October 2007.

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The PR Training Centre provides practical one-day courses for busy people tasked with responsibility for marketing communications, press and public relations, web marketing and other marketing functions. The Centre runs regular monthly courses in London's Covent Garden. Its most popular course is the one-day Masterclass ‘PR Skills Workshop’ designed for anyone who finds themselves responsible for raising the profile of their organisation and gaining favourable media coverage.

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